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About us

VMC Academy was founded in 1997 by the senior music and children educator Miss Channie Chan. Channie is committed to promoting music, art and language education in Hong Kong, so as to nurture a new generation of Hong Kong.

In 2019, she was invited by Get Nice Group to serve as Art Director of its subsidiary company "Macro Music".

A group of senior and professional teachers in education who like art and working hardly in teaching art courses for many years, they come from different educational backgrounds and each of them has different professional and interests, they have deep affection of art, 

Established our own association; VMC Academy Arts and Cultures Association is committed to promoting the introduction of art culture and innovative spirit into community development, improving the aesthetic quality of community life, constructing enterprises that take into account the development of social welfare, and nurturing social talents with technical aesthetics. In addition, the association can organize various types of art and cultural activities more systematically, and gather a group of expert consultants dedicated to promoting children and young people's art education to promote various children's art and cultural exchanges and make social feedback contributions at the same time!